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Playing with Aliens

My mother believes in Aliens and UFOs. I want to believe. Is it not a little arrogant to think we are the only 'intelligent' life forms in this galaxy? let alone the galaxies far far away? In truth, I think I've met a few of them during nights out on the town.

The actual key ring souvenir I bought for my mother.

Imagine my excitement to find myself in Roswell, New Mexico and home to the worlds most famous 'Roswell Incident'. How could I not visit the International UFO Museum and Research Centre? It was in the name of research of course, and I'm sure that my mother would not forgive me if I didn't!

So the story goes that on July 8 1947, two unidentified flying objects crashed into the desert near Corona (spooky coincidence!?) made from a substance that was nothing from this world. The US Government had been allegedly tracking these flying saucers for a number of days when they collided. Clearly, this incident needed to be covered up as quickly as possible to prevent any public panic (not the toilet paper again!).

Today there is testimony from over 200 people that confirm the incident and had taken part in it somehow or another. Many telling their truths on their death beds. The Government tried to convince people it had been a weather balloon. The alleged truth is far more exciting in that there had been 2 flying sauces that had crashed, and 4 aliens had been found. 2 dead, 1 dying and 1 trying to communicate with the local ranchers that found the site.

Alien used in the 1994 movie 'The Roswell Incident'

Whether you are a believer or not this museum was a lot of fun. Just when you think it can't get any better you arrive at the gift shop with everything alien imaginable. I could have spent a small fortune here just on the novelty factor. However, I decided to save my money and come back for the UFOlogist Invasion held here annually in July. In the mean time, July 2nd it is World UFO day so get out there and find your own!