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Fun in Yangon

I apologise for the lack up blogging of late, but I've been a tad busy with touring. It's annoying having to earn a living sometimes. However, I am now in Myanmar and so far I am loving everything about the fabulous place. I am the type of traveller who does not like to stand out but to sneak in, watch and learn about its people. I love places that are not too westernised (but still have some of the creature comforts of the home). I have wanted to visit this place for a long time, particularly before it changes too much, and boy is it changing rapidly. The vibe I got from most of the people in Yangon was they were very happy with the way things were, and in general, life has never been better. Only 10 years ago it cost approximately $2000 USD for a mobile sim card. Imagine that! Now, it's more like $2 USD and life, in general, has a lot more freedom.

Luckily for me, I made a friend who offered to take me around Yangon and he advised that the best way was on a bicycle. Let me tell you, this is not for the faint-hearted and if I was a cat I think I have used 8 out of 9 lives. However, he was right. Judging by the amount of hello's (Minga-la-ba!) and smiles I received from amazed locals and to have the freedom to go anywhere was priceless. We visited a mosque, synagogue and a temple (all on the same block! - imagine that!) old colonial buildings, parks and markets. I tried to have a photo with a small child that screamed hysterically, clearly, she didn't have much contact with westerners. Lucky for me the mother thought it was hilarious.

Gold is something the country seems to have plenty of and I discovered as I travelled more around the country, there are golden pagodas everywhere. I also learnt that a stupa is a solid building, whilst a temple you can walk inside, however, they are all collectively called pagodas.

Here are some photos to tempt you until I can post again. Enjoy!


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