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Where do you stand???

I've been to a few airports in my time and people and general never cease to amaze me. Group mentality in particular. Logic dictates that if some common sense was applied things would work well in most situations. For example, the baggage carousel at airports. I like to leave room between me and the carousel, leaving it visible for all to see the oncoming bags. I mean they even kindly make up signs to remind you, and to make it more obvious they paint a line on the floor!!  

It is NOT for you to come and stand directly in front of me blocking not only my view but that if others. That said thank you though for the enabling me the opportunity to feel great satisfaction when I physically grab my (usually always) very heavy suitcase with such force it happens to hit you on the way past. 😁

On an even happier note I must congratulate 🤗people in Darwin, Broome and Perth. I don't know if it is because these people are FIFO and are more relaxed 😎 but I've not seen it happen here. 

What about you? Where do you stand?? 

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