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Don't smile at a crocodile!

I did and I am here to tell the tale. Why would you do that I hear you ask? Because I could is the answer. Darwin is home to Crocosaurs Cove where plenty of crazy people pay to climb into a plastic tube and get face to face with a crocodile. Yes, I am one of those crazy people. 😏

From the street the place does not look like much and there really isn’t much to see except a few lazy very well fed crocs, but I guess the attraction is the fact there there isn’t anywhere else (that I know of) that you can do this. Right up until the last minute I had my (fake) gopro with me until I remembered the words I preach to many of my fellow travellers, and that is to be in the moment and take in the experience, and not through the lens of a camera. I have to tell you, the moment when the croc (Wills, as in Kate and Wills,) had his head up against the glass, literally inches from mine, eye ball to eye ball, I was certainly 'in the moment'.  

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