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Money can't buy happiness in Nepal

Many years ago when I first started my career as a Tour Leader I was fortunate to lead a tour 'walking the foothills of the Himalayas' in Nepal. This was my first experience in a poor country and not long after the tragic murder of the royal family. This particular day I was walking back to meet my group and I could hear the infectious laugh of a small child. I diverted through some narrow streets and laneways in search of this magnificent sound. What could possibly be so wonderful??. Here I found this little dirty child all alone, having the time of his life running up and down pushing an old metal thing with wheels. I watched him for as long as I possibly could, until I couldn't delay any longer. I finally had to tear myself away with such a happy heart and tears in my eyes. This is the day that I truely learnt that money does not buy happiness. 

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