Travel is an amazing opportunity that can create a lifelong passion and curiosity. The ability to experience new cultures, new places and meet amazing people is a gift that I love to share.


I was born a TravelGypsy. My family was always on the move for no other reason other than to explore different places and experience new things. I have always been encouraged to spread my wings and explore the world and all that it contains. My earliest treasures being maps, globes and anything travel related.  


As a Professional Traveller for more than 20 years (Tour Director, Travel Agent and PADI Dive Instructor), I am more at home on planes or in hotel rooms than in my own home. I can maneuver through airports in record time, even with large groups in tow and love nothing more to sit back and watch people go about their daily lives.  


As cheesy as it sounds, I absolutely believe it isn't just about the destination but also the journey and I have been immensely fortunate to share that journey with many wonderful people.


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